Do You Know ?
The Only Way To Design Your Destiny Is Thru Inner Healing

(It Heals You Physically & Emotionally, Dissolves Your Negative Karma, And Re-Writes Your Healthy & Abundant Life)

Become a Conscious Creator !!!

Manifest Abundance In All Areas Of Your Life


STOP Creating Your Future Unconsciously
DESIGN Your New DESTINY Consciously

DESIGN Your Extraordinary Life?

Unfold Miracles In Your Life With Your Inner Healing !!!


Are you committed to become a creator of your own destiny?

A victim mindset allows its circumstances to control its life. But a Creator mindset carves out its own destiny. Which one are you?

In this course you will understand the root causes of success and mediocrity. You can start taking charge of your life to change your future for the better.


You will get the tools to learn and implement the three secrets to success in life:

1.   The art of choosing a life goal which is aligned to your true self. Your inner world governs your outer world.

2.   How to Downsize the impact of obstructive beliefs and past psychic impressions which are preventing you to take your next step forward.

3.   How to Align and Strengthen your inner energies to ensure a power packed journey to your life goals.

All it would need only one pre-requisite:

1.   A minimum commitment to put into practice whatever tools and practices are laid out in this course.

The results are bound to follow. The Laws of the Universe are unchangeable and can never get violated.

 Learn All Spiritual Practices Step By Step At Your Convenience 24x7 - Pre-Recorded Videos. Attend Live Satsang Every Week To Clear Any Doubts !👇


Hi, I am Sudhanshu Goswami, your Life Abundance Coach and Founder of Life Abundance Gurukul.

I am on a Mission to help Young Students and Corporate Professionals fast track Success & Abundance in all areas of their lives through Yogic Reiki Chakra Inner Healing. 

We are a community of committed people who wish to transform their Inner Blueprint which will change their outer material world.

‼ Learn 3 Secrets of YOGIC-CHAKRA-REIKI Healing To Overcome Your Procrastination, Dissolve Your Fears, & Anxiety And Start Experiencing Amazing Health, Wealth, Career & Relationships Within 90 days thru Easy Step By Step, Powerful & A Proven Ancient Process, Without Complex Yoga, Hours Of Meditation, Or Even If You Are New To Spirituality. ‼

With Your Inner Healing, You Would Be Able To:

1. Transcend Your Horoscope,

2. Dissolve Past Karmas,

3. Design Your New Destiny in this Lifetime Itself.

‼Achieve More Wealth, Health, And Loving Relationships by activating your “Spiritual Potential” ‼

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